Strength Training

Mondays | 11:00 AM & 6:30 pm | 45-60 min

I turn the cardio switch off and get you in the gym clangin and bangin! 5 different stations of pump you the F#&$ up! NO CARDIO!

core, cardio, and flexibility class.

Tuesday | 6:00 am & 6:30PM | 45 min

Settle your case with the Mondays by showing up Tuesday morning with a core and cardio class that will have your abs fired up for the rest of the week. We also will spend 10 minutes going over some solid stretching and movement to start your day off right.

HIIT Concepts

Wednesdays | 11:00 Am & 6:30 pm | 45-60 min
6AM Class Instructor: Mika (NEW)

This ain’t your grandma’s pilates class. This is a heart pounding, fat burning, sweat dripping, cardio circuit training class that will have you feeling like Rocky after he runs up the steps when it’s all over.

Reward your inner badass by signing up now!

Strength & Conditioning

Thursday | 6:00AM & 6:30pm | 45-60 min
Master intentional movements in our precision-focused Strength class, with targeted weight training for both upper and lower body strength.

Friday 5AM Fire class

Friday | 5:30 Am | 30 min

Calisthenics, Plyometrics, and isometrics all fired at you within 30 minutes! So wake up and get ready to get fired up! The burn will be real and the time will fly but it will set you up for a great friday.

Note: Not recommended for first-timers. 


Saturdays | 10:00 am | 45-60 min

Your glutes will burn but this ain’t your cute little booty bands class. This class is a mixture of strength, cardio, body, soul, heart, and mind.

Life hack: grab a coffee at Folklores coffee after your workout they are delicious and you will be fired up to start your day!

Membership & Prices

Group Class Membership

Class Drop in

Based on class capacity. Rate $20/class.

Personal Training

Based on availability.

Gym Membership

Price: $99.99/month

Hours: this membership provides you with key fob access to train anytime you want between the hours of 4am to 10pm. 

ATTENTION! The gym will be closed for an hour during group class times (see schedule for group classes). 

This is an exclusive membership giving you the access to come train at a semi private gym full of all the equipment you need to hit your goals and stay on track in whatever discipline of fitness you choose.

The culture in the gym is to always be kind and to focus on yourself. I will personally know everyone who comes in and out of my gym and I will make sure you are training in a safe, clean, and fun environment.

This membership is for people who are serious about their fitness and know how to maneuver through the gym with class and etiquette. Respect for the gym and others is required at all times.

  1. Mind your own business 
  2. Have basic knowledge of gym equipment and proper exercise fundamentals
  3. No bullying of any sort whatsoever at all.
  4. WORK!!!

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